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How to create (and maintain) a consistent yoga practice

First things first. There a few simple questions to help you start your yoga journey.

  1. Why do you want to do yoga?

This question is the most important thing you can ask yourself. It took me until I wrote my first yoga teacher bio before I though about this. But once I did it changed everything. it became the root of every practice. Every time I stepped into a studio to teach I came back to my "why."

2. Where do you want to practice?

This is less important but still a good question to ask. Will you be practicing online videos in the comfort of your own home? Going to weekly classes in a studio? Practicing your own moves at home or in a gym? Making these decisions will help with the planning process and make it easier to be prepared.

3. What is your goal?

It's important to know that this is different from your "why." Your why is what gets you on your mat. Your goal for each practice is what will determine the type of yoga you're going to do. It will define your desired outcome and give you something to work toward.

Once you have identified each of these questions (it helps to write them down!) you can start planning your yoga practice. Try not to get too caught up in the planning process. Yes I think it's important to put time and effort here because I think it will ensure consistency and longevity, but be careful not to get so caught up in the planning that it keeps you from practicing.

The first step after the above is decided when you want to practice. This will be dependant on your schedule but also on a studio schedule if you have decided to take in person classes. Ideally, get your practice done first thing in the morning. For most people it's easy to put off working out because we are the only one who suffers if we miss it.

There is a saying I once heard that I found helpful here (and for many situations in life) that might help you too. When there is something we don't want to do we need to "swallow our frog." This means that it's best to do the ting you find hardest FIRST. Swallow your frog. It always ends up being easier than you think and now instead of spending your whole day thinking about that thing you have to do but don't really want to do will already be done and you can focus on the rest of your day.

Once you have picked your time of day or schedule for practice, ensure you have the proper equipment. Nothing will stop you in your tracks like not having a yoga mat you enjoy using. Below you will find some links to my favourite yoga mats.

Favourite Yoga Mats

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat -

Liforme Yoga Mat (Regular and Travel) -

Lululemon 5mm Mat -

If you plan on practicing at home with Youtube or app videos then I HIGHLY recommend choosing the video you want ahead of time. In my experience I end up losing 20 minutes of workout time just trying to select the video I want to try. You want to be able to open up your app and hit play so you can start moving immediately. Here are some of my favourite videos:

Yoga Apps

Alo Yoga


Asana Rebel


At the end of the day the most important piece to making sure you maintain a consistent practice is if you start to feel bored or feel that you are losing motivation, MAKE A CHANGE. Try a different class, a different time of day, a different venue. Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes but as creatures of habit it's easy to get stuck. When we get stuck we think we don't like it anymore. But there are so many types of yoga and even more teachers to share it. Sometimes we just need to change it up to keep us interested.

Hope this helps!

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